Post 100 Coming Soon

Well hello, faithful blog followers!

In just a few more posts, I will reach #100 … this is a special, special day (in my world at least).

It should be a special day in your world too.  Who else do you have out there that says the words you are thinking when you look at some idiot in a ‘Hipster for Life Shirt’ or encounter a guy that just married his pregnant sister?  What other blogger out there will attack with cursory vehemence the absolute stupidity that has taken over our culture?

The answer to those and other similar questions is:  none.

I have a lot of opinions on a lot of things, but for some ungodly reason I can’t come up with an idea for how we can DO IT BIG for the B(itch)Log’s 100th post.  I’m planning a blog right now on “when the wifey says, she really means” and one other on related marital topics, which means that we are looking at just about one more week before the B(itch)Log hits the big 1-0-0.

Leave a comment on how you think we should celebrate the 100th post.  Please keep in mind:

I have no money.

I have no ideas.

And I hate most people.


Other than that, fair game!

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