Pubic Parking

No, that was not a typo. Yes, this did turn into a Manic Monday.

On my way to take my sweet Pookie to her art class today, I drove through the gates of one of the local public schools to get to the art center where her classes are held. There, attached to the gate, was a sign for a recent event – I assume to direct parking. But the maker of this sign apparently never learned what proof-reading is, because rather than directing parking for the public, the sign instead directs parking for the pubic.

I’m glad that I now know where to locally park my pubic region.

Another manic (well, not so manic in my book) thing that happened today was that I finally became one of those people that has adopted the old adage: “paper plates mean no dishes to do.” I keep hearing people talk about how wasteful it is to use paper plates, but then I realized that it is even more wasteful and harmful to the environment to be running as much water, and adding as much detergent as we do to the water supply.

Not to mention the fact that in some senses, I really just think we’re going too far to “be green.” Recyle? Sure. Eliminate wasteful habits? Most definitely. Reuse and Teracycle? Okay, fine… even that. But this paper plate thing is something Mother Nature is just going to have to deal with. I’m tired of being a slave, tied to the kitchen.

I guess I spoke too soon this morning when I said there would be no Manic Mondays for me.


  1. I think you would be alot happier if you returned to Chicago Would your dad go back too, or is he used to California weather. Maybe your husband would move after a certain period of time if his career in L.A. didn’t pan out.

  2. Pubic parking… I thought you were having a moment at first but then I said nah, it has to be something to it and you surely did not let me down. Apparently whoever made that sign is a product of the public school system as well (I’m a product of the NYC public school system, but hey go figure). Maybe that person would have benefitted from World Book Night…

    • I am a product of the Chicagoland public school system, and I maintain that public school may be poor in the United States right now, but it is nowhere as bad (in my experience) as in California. I’m fairly certain you are right that they would have benefited from World Book Night…

      • Lol that’s good. I’m not telling people about my blog anymore purposely so I can write about them. It’s such a great outlet.
        Thanks for being honest and refreshing in your posts!

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